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Riske and Revenge by Natalie E. Wrye Release Blitz

Title: Riske and Revenge
Series: The Revenge Series
Author: Natalie E. Wrye
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 17, 2017

Love is the strongest emotion in the world…next to hate.
I knew hate. Had known it since I was seventeen. For me, it was love turned on its head, a product of hurt and fear—twisted, tied up…and placed on the sculpted shoulders of Ethan Riske.
Dayton, Tennessee.
Home to the best cow-tipping in the world, the biggest hot dogs, and the lousiest sex.
Or so I'd heard...
They were right about the first two. Ethan Riske proved them wrong about the third and at seventeen, he and I spent a summer under the stars, squeezing our way out of trouble, sweating and panting among the haystacks.
Until he left.
Nine years later, when a huge publishing house tries to buy my small press, I storm into the office of the CEO to find him.
Same cocky grin. Different name.
And suddenly all I can think about is exacting revenge on Ethan Riske for breaking his contract...and my hea…

In Too Deep by Jordan Marie Release Blitz

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I did a bad thing.

I did a really bad thing.

I’m not a bad person, I swear. I just made a few mistakes.

Mistake number one was agreeing to rent my hotel out to an insufferable a**hole, named Aden Smith­.

Mistake number two was ignoring his threats to sue me when he handed over a list of items he deemed “unacceptable”.

Mistake number three was diving into the pool to save his life when he fell. It would have been less complicated to hide his body.

Start With Me by J. Saman Release Blitz

Title: Start With Me Series: Start Again Series Book Three Author: J. Saman Genre: Contemporary Romance Standalone Release Date: October 16, 2017 Claire No relationships. No falling in love.  Those are my rules. Simple. Easy. Uncomplicated.  Then Kyle Grant walks into my life and tries to mess all that up with his GQ looks and irresistible charm.  He’s everything I want. But can never have. Kyle The moment I laid eyes on Claire Sullivan, I knew she was different.  Then reality hit me. She’s my brother’s assistant. She lives in Seattle and I live in New York. As if that wasn’t enough, she reminds me with annoying frequency that she doesn’t do relationships.  But I don’t care. I want her.  Now I just have to convince her to be mine. "J. Saman has made a MUST READ for anyone who loves to watch Fate and the Inevitable carve out a great big heart with a smirky face inside. START WITH ME is a light romance lover's dream asClaire and Kyle meet and dance around the elephant in the room dressed in hea…